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Post by Fusion on Thu May 12, 2011 11:27 pm

Welcome! Hopefully you'll have used a forum before. If not, you'll figure it out =P. You can register for an account at the top.

Here you can ask questions and the FAQ section will expand as more questions are asked.

why do some people have coloured names?:
They're the execs. The colours are a result of their accounts being in a special group, for accessing the hidden event-planning forums.

who is which exec?:
Some of them chose obvious names. Some didn't, and probably want you to figure it out somehow. Have fun!

what is this forum for?:
It's nothing special. You could use it for anything you can think of. A really basic use would be to make suggestions for the club. A more creative one might be to play that post-one-sentence-at-a-time-to-make-a-story game.

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